What to expect on your first visit:

Each new patient appointment is scheduled for a one hour session with Dr. Lundy. This will ensure that each new patient has enough time allotted  to have a thorough consultation with her, followed by a treatment. The treatment is not required but is recommended. 

  What to wear:

Please wear loose fit clothing if possible. Also, bring a list of questions and name of daily medications/supplements/vitamins. 

What size are the needles used during acupuncture?

The needles are about the width of a piece of hair and very smooth. Most  people can feel them lightly but the treatment is so relaxing that 80%  of patients fall asleep during the treatment.

  Where are the herbs from? Are they safe?

The herbs are grown in China and then go through the FDA when they come  into the US. Most herbs have no interaction with your medications but  make sure to ask during the consultation.

* For additional information/questions, please refer to our FAQ section.  

New Patients

 Please download and complete the new patient information forms below. Be sure to bring this in on the day of your consultation.